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Re: clamav: no shared libclamav

Would you like to take it over and release a -2?

I suffer from a hardware problem, besides the libtool problem.
This will last at least until Tuesday or so.

2006/3/30, Yaakov S (Cygwin Ports) <>:
> Hash: SHA1
> Reini Urban wrote:
> > Nope,
> > -no-undefined is there I believe, resp. not necessary anymore.
> > Another libtool problem, probably with file.exe and import lib detection.
> Are you using autoreconf to pull in our libtool?  I haven't had any
> problems with our 1.5.20-2.
> > Someone else posted a hotfix, which I will use when I cannot find a
> > longer term fix.
> > I hadn't had time yet to look at it more deeply, because the last
> > weeks I was busy with something else.
> Unless they're packing their own libtool.m4, it shouldn't be that
> difficult...
> > If users need an immediate hotfix I can provide the easy solution which
> > doesn't work with <package>.sh reconf.
> I would say that missing a shared library should be fixed ASAP; I have
> several packages which require it.
Reini Urban

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