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1.5.18-1: syslogd and cron message issue (XP/2000).

I have set up /etc/syslog.conf to exclude logging cron messages but
still seem to be getting them.

In syslogd I have tried the following:
	*.*;cron.none   /var/log/messages
	*.info;cron.none   /var/log/messages
	*.*;cron.warn   /var/log/messages
	*.info;cron.warn   /var/log/messages
Several variations thereof and other entirely different entries.

I am stopping the cron service, then the syslogd service and starting
them in the order syslogd, cron between changes.

The crontab simply has 
* * * * * /usr/bin/date >> /date.log

What is getting logged is soemthing along the lines of this:
Mar 23 16:52:00 DOUG /USR/SBIN/CRON : PID 4844 : (doug) CMD
(/usr/bin/date >> /date.log)

I've had no luck filtering it out so far.

I have spent several days researching cron and syslogd (both for Cygwin
and Linux) on the net.  While there's a lot of very useful information I
haven't been able to resolve this specific issue.

I have attached the standard cygcheck.out, in case that's of any use.

Thanks in advance to anyone who is able to make suggestions or give

Best regards,

Doug Irwin

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