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Re: cvs 1.11.17 in command line server mode, OpenSSH_4.3p2, OpenSSL 0.9.8a 11 Oct 2005, problem with binary files

Jay Abel wrote:
> $ cvs -d "" init
> $ mkdir cvstest
> $ cd ~/cvstest
> $ cvs -d "" get .
> $ cd CVSROOT
> $ cp <elswhere>/CVSROOT/cvswrappers .
> $ cvs up
> M cvswrappers
> $ cvs commit -m 'update wrappers'

Did a message with the revision number appeared at this point?

> $ cd ~/phys274/
> % cvs -t -d "" import phys274 LOCAL
> -> main loop with
> -> Starting server: /bin/ssh cvs server
> -> system('vim' '/tmp//cvsdk5c24')
> -> unlink_file(/tmp//cvsdk5c24)
> I phys274/homework/CVS
> -> Sending file `q8s7.xls' to server
> -> Sending file `q8s9.xmcd' to server
> I phys274/homework/weekly/CVS
> I phys274/homework/weekly/week2/CVS
> -> Sending file `Q1R2.xmcd' to server
> I phys274/homework/weekly/week4/CVS
> -> Sending file `q4r3.dfw' to server
> -> Sending file `week4-2.dfw' to server
> I phys274/homework/weekly/week5/CVS
> -> Sending file `q5t1.txt' to server
> -> Sending file `q6r2.dfw' to server
> -> Sending file `p2.fig' to server

This output means: the files marked with I are being ignored, all the others are
 sent but nothing happens on the server side... the server should have reported
a line with N for new file; probable cause: permissions don't allow the server
to create anything (you don't report what was actually done on the repository).

>From your description you are looking for trouble by using text mode mounted
directories, you are blindly testing all permutations that come to your mind and
in short: wasting time.

If you run cvs through ssh the repository has to belong (or at least has to be
writable) by the user (and/or group) that is logging in.  The same goes for
CVSROOT on the repository (the history log changes).  Since you don't show any
user id on your example that means the user you are logged as has to exist and
have the required privileges on (and on the other non-cygwin
machines you used).
René Berber

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