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RE: freopen irritates system-call/sh.exe

On 30 March 2006 15:57, Eric Blake wrote:

> Jens Wilken <Jens.Wilken <at>> writes:
>> How does freopen-ing stdout and stderr affect subsequent "system" calls?
> It shouldn't have any effect on subsequent calls, other than that stderr
> or stdout is mapped to a new underlying stream.  There are other changes,
> unrelated to freopen, that do affect consoles popping up or not (and by
> the way, snapshot 20060329 flashes a console when cygrunsrv starts an
> interactive process, which is a regression from snapshot 20060308 - I'll
> have to narrow it down to when that regression started happening).

  To help, it wasn't happening with a dll built from cvs on the 17th, but when
I updated and built from CVS this morning I suddenly started getting millions
of expect.exe windows spawning when I fired off the gcc testsuite!

[ Because I've got work to get on with at the moment I rolled it back, but
I'll spend some time trying to understand it later. ]

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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