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Re: 20060301 snapshot and later. sh hangs with very long command line

On Wed, Mar 29, 2006 at 03:14:54PM -0800, Brian Dessent wrote:
>Christopher Faylor wrote:
>>>I was building binutils using the cygwin 20060308 snapshot, and when it
>>>did the check for "finding the maximum length of command line" a sh
>>>shell goes to 99% cpu usage and doesn't return until I end the process
>>>using task manager.
>>>I isolated the portion of the script that was hanging and was able to
>>>repeat the problem.  The script hangs when it checks for a command line
>>>of length 16384.  This happens every time I run the script, and it is
>>>reproducible for me on at least windows 2000 and windows XP.  I've
>>>attached a test script.
>>>The problem doesn't happen with the 20060227 snapshot, but appeared in
>>>20060301 and later versions.  It is present in the 20060309 snapshot.
>>Thanks for the test case.  This should be fixed in the next snapshot.
>This looks like it has regressed.  I am using CVS HEAD as of yesterday
>and have run into the "finding the maximum length of command line
>arguments" hang in configure scripts.  Peter's testcase fails too.  As
>a workaround I've set cygexec on my mounts which seems to workaround
>the issue (and allows larger commandlines anyway.)

Would you be willing to track down the snapshot when this started failing


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