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Re: Please help on cscope15.5 compiling errors

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According to Hong Sun on 3/28/2006 10:24 PM:
> Hi,
> I was not able to attach the cyhcheck.out file as it was bounced back as
> spam.

I'm not sure it was the cygcheck.out that triggered the filter, especially
since most people have no problems in attaching a file named just that; it
could have been your choice of subject line, the use of HTML, or some
other problem.  However, you could try renaming the attachment
cygcheck.txt and see if that helps.

> Anyway, I got errors when compling cscope15.5 on cygwin 15.1.9-4
> downloaded on March 27,2006. The error compains that function getline()
> was re-declared in cscope package's global.h, which was delcared in
> cygwin's /usr/include/sys/stdio.h at line 31.

This has been discussed previously on the list, in January and February.
One option is for you to "#define readline rpl_readline" immediately after
including stdio.h, but before any use of readline in your package, so that
the two definitions don't conflict.  The other option is to upgrade to a
snapshot, including updated headers, where the cygwin getline is properly
guarded behind the _GNU_SOURCE feature test.

> I commented out line 31 in stdio but still got other errors. Since I
> complied and installed cscope15.5 on previous cygwin release in 2003, it
> might be a bug in cygwin 1.5.19-4.

Changing system headers that don't belong to your package, in order to get
your package to compile, is usually a very risky effort that should not
normally be attempted.

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