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Re: Why only 1 cygwin1.dll?

On Wed, Mar 29, 2006 at 04:09:39AM +0700, Alexander J. Herrmann wrote:
>I was following this thread and time will tell. Something you're maybe 
>not aware of  that the cygwin1.dll soon will be distributed to thousends 
>of people who didn't even heard about cygwin. How come?
>You may have heard about BOINC if not take a short look @ 
>It is used to run Linuxcode inside Windoze. For exaple the burp project 
>will use it to run povray on windoze. (Don't waste 
>your time visiting the page it is offline today because a server 
>update). I can imagine a lot of problems resulting from this for people 
>using cygwin but donate there idle cpu time to number crunching when 
>there two different versions. Let's wait and C ...

Any problems from this installation should be pretty easily solved by
just blocking all email with the word "boinc" in it.

I'm willing to even make the filter more sophisticated than that, if


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