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Re: Problems with sshd


> Sounds like you have some Firewall software which interacts with sshd
> badly.  Did you try to add a dependency to this firewall software, too?

I don't have any firewall software installed.  Having said that, I had
to install a new wireless NIC driver on may laptop to support the LEAP
authentication deployed at the office recently, which I guess may be
the culprit, since it authenticates with the Windows Domain after the
login, which may be related to the tcp setup interaction you

> You could see if it's still on your disk, if you "Install from Internet"
> using setup.exe.  Also, 1.12-1 isn't removed from sourceware, so you
> could inspect your favorite mirror and download this package from there.
> cygrunsrv can be installed by stopping all Cygwin services and just
> unpacking the tar file in the Cygwin root dir.

I grabbed it off and it did not solve the issue. 
Since the cygrunsrv upgrade and the LEAP driver install are the only 2
system changes I have made recently, I'm inclined to blame the LEAP

Since it seems that sshd may be a non-starter for me now, is there any
other method I can use to switch between users?



Chris Sutcliffe

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