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Re: Problems with sshd

On Mar 28 10:43, Chris Sutcliffe wrote:
> Hey,
> > This can't be related to the cygrunsrv change since it only affects
> > services which have the "Interact with desktop" switch set, which sshd
> > certainly hasn't.  Is it possible that your sshd now gets accidentally
> > started before the network service got started?  Can you reinstall the
> > sshd service with the latest ssh-host-config, which adds a dependency
> > to the tcpip service and try again?
> I did a 'cygrunsrv --remove sshd' after which I ran the setup.exe and
> reinstalled openssh (4.3p2-2).  I then reran 'ssh-host-config'
> overwriting the existing files just to be sure.  On reboot I am still
> having the problem where I can't ssh to localhost.  Again if I stop
> and start the sshd service from within a bash prompt it works fine.

Sounds like you have some Firewall software which interacts with sshd
badly.  Did you try to add a dependency to this firewall software, too?

> Is it possible to revert back to cygrunsrv 1.12 (I can go back to 1.13
> with setup.exe) just to see if I can confirm if it's an issue with
> cygrunsrv?  I don't want to waste anyone's time barking up the wrong
> tree.

You could see if it's still on your disk, if you "Install from Internet"
using setup.exe.  Also, 1.12-1 isn't removed from sourceware, so you
could inspect your favorite mirror and download this package from there.
cygrunsrv can be installed by stopping all Cygwin services and just
unpacking the tar file in the Cygwin root dir.


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