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Re: Problems with sshd


> This can't be related to the cygrunsrv change since it only affects
> services which have the "Interact with desktop" switch set, which sshd
> certainly hasn't.  Is it possible that your sshd now gets accidentally
> started before the network service got started?  Can you reinstall the
> sshd service with the latest ssh-host-config, which adds a dependency
> to the tcpip service and try again?

I did a 'cygrunsrv --remove sshd' after which I ran the setup.exe and
reinstalled openssh (4.3p2-2).  I then reran 'ssh-host-config'
overwriting the existing files just to be sure.  On reboot I am still
having the problem where I can't ssh to localhost.  Again if I stop
and start the sshd service from within a bash prompt it works fine.

Is it possible to revert back to cygrunsrv 1.12 (I can go back to 1.13
with setup.exe) just to see if I can confirm if it's an issue with
cygrunsrv?  I don't want to waste anyone's time barking up the wrong



Chris Sutcliffe

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