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Re: df hanging

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According to Steven Hartland on 3/27/2006 8:57 AM:
> I'm currently testing an updated cygwin install from 1.5.5 -> 1.5.19
> and I've noticed that on a number of occasions df is hanging sometimes
> using 100% of CPU on the machine.

I have not seen this behavior.  Do you have any antivirus or other
background program installed that might be interfering with cygwin?

> What's the best way to obtain why this is so it can be fixed:
> gdb the process?

An strace would show you what cygwin1.dll is doing; but the output tends
to be large in size and difficult to understand if you don't know what you
are looking for.  Also, recent posts suggest using tools from to see what a process is doing when it appears to hang.

> This e.mail is private and confidential between Multiplay (UK) Ltd. and
> the person or entity to whom it is addressed.

Not any more - this is a publicly archived mailing list.  Please refrain
from sending unenforceable legal dribble on the bottom of list posts (if
you have to, open a free webmail account for posting without an employer's

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