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cygwin setup: uninstall deadlock...

Hi -- I have a question on the uninstalling procedure for individual
packages with the Cygwin Setup utility.

My exemplary problem: I can't seem to uninstall the libXft, libXft1,
libXft2 and X11 altogether. But I guess this problem is more general.

The reason is that the mentioned packages are an example for mutual
dependencies, and the cyclical choice of options in connection with
automatic and permanent reset of dependencies results in "deadlocks". If
packages are mutually dependent, like the above ones, cycling options
from from Keep to Uninstall, the intermediate Reinstall option for one
of these packages always resets any Uninstall intended for the others.

Maybe someone can give me a hint on the correct usage. I think this is a
design or usability problem, that could be solved (1) by avoiding direct
dependency resolution and solely relying on the dependency step after
the finalising Next command, (2) by allowing to directly choose
Uninstall without having to cycle through various unwanted options, or,
possibly the simplest solution, (3) by calculating minimal dependencies
and not sticking to Reinstall like above.

Thanks for any hints,


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