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Console Window pops up for sh.exe in 1.5.19

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Hi there,
I have a problem that appeared when switching from Cygwin 1.5.10 to
Some GUI Application uses the "system" function to execute external
programs. It calls several programs, including "make". Make processes
makefiles that contain program calls and shell scripts, encoded in the
makefile like "( -- Scriptcode -- )".
The effect:
I started the application, compiled with Cygwin 1.5.10., gcc3.3.3,
with Cygwin 1.5.19 and suddenly black console windows keep coming up.
The title shows, that the windows belong to sh.exe. They stay black
and when the process finishes, the window disappears. At the start of
the main application, stdout and stderr handles are reopened to a
log-file, so I understand why the windows stay black, because the
logfile is filled ok.
The console windows do not show up when the same binary is started
with cygwin 1.5.10, so there has to be a change between 1.5.10 and
1.5.19, but I have no clue. I makes no difference, when I copy old
make and sh binaries to the 1.5.19 installation, so I think it is
related to the Cygwin DLL.
The cygwin release notes state a change from Corinna, where she is
"trying hard to prevent black boxes to appear". This sounds like my
problem, partly solved.

So I'd be glad for any hint how to get rid of these windows or just
why they started to appear in a newer version.


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