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Re: very poor cygwin scp performance in some situations

I'm starting to think that openssl have some performance issues on cygwin.
my fixed non-blocking echo_server.c with openssl is too slow when compared with the same code compiled on Linux.

is something like 40ms on Linux to 1040ms on Cygwin.

On 2006/03/27, at 23:32, Steven Hartland wrote:

----- Original Message ----- From: "Pedro Inacio"
I've initiated the post "select() too slow".
The example I've done was a non-blocking tcp echo_server.c and how slow it was on linux compared with cygwin.
In fact after activation oh tcp_nodelay option the times were similar.
Meanwhile I've done another test, I've added ssl on top of that echo_server.c with similar results than on linux, with the tcp_nodelay set, and the results are again against cygwin binary.
On cygwin is too slow. I just don't know where the problem is.

Thanks for that what was interesting with scp was direction had a large impact on performance. On FreeBSD from Cygwin -> FreeBSD 700KB/s On Cygwin from Cygwin -> FreeBSD 1.2MB/s On FreeBSD from FreeBSD -> Cygwin 6.4MB/s

So there is definitely performance to be gained. I had a similar
problem with a basic perl FTP script uploading from Cygwin to
a FreeBSD machine and there simply setting the block size
to 8K fixed the issue. Note: From FreeBSD -> FreeBSD the
script didn't require said fix but it didn't effect it either. This
may be something to look at as well.


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