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Re: Cygwin: Where is the Help Guide

On 3/25/06, George wrote:
> FWIW, I'd like to think that expanding the contents of the Cygwin man
> pages ('man cygwin' and 'man intro') to provide the above information as
> well as offer an overview of Cygwin-specific tools, etc. would go a long
> way.

Wow, someone actually read that page I wrote? I think I already did mention
all those things, with the exception of "man foo" for obvious reasons. The
important sections:

       Cygwin  is  developed by volunteers collaborating over the Internet. It
       is distributed through the website,  where  you  can
       find extensive documentation, including FAQ, User's Guide, and API Ref-
       erence. The Cygwin  website  should  be  considered  the  authoritative
       source  of information. The source code, released under the GNU General
       Public License, Version 2, is also available from the website or one of
       the mirrors.

       Cygwin  uses the GNU versions of many of the standard UNIX command-line
       utilities (sed, awk, etc.), so the user environment is more similar  to
       a Linux system than, for example, Sun Solaris.

       The  default  login  shell  and   /bin/sh  for  Cygwin is bash, the GNU
       "Bourne-Again Shell", but other shells such as tcsh (an  improved  csh)
       are also available and can be installed using Cygwin's setup.exe.

       To  port  applications  you will need to install the development tools,
       which you can do by selecting gcc in setup.exe (dependencies are  auto-
       matically handled).  If you need a specific program or library, you can
       search for a Cygwin package containing it at:

       If you are a UNIX veteran who plans to use Cygwin extensively, you will
       probably find it worth your while to learn to use Cygwin-specific tools
       that provide a UNIX-like interface to common operations.  For  example,
       cygpath converts between UNIX and Win32-style pathnames. The full docu-
       mentation for these utilities is at:

       The optional cygutils package also contains utilities  that  help  with
       common problems, such as dos2unix and unix2dos for the CRLF issue.

       In  addition  to man pages and texinfo documentation, many Cygwin pack-
       ages provide system-independent documentation  in  the  /usr/share/doc/
       directory and Cygwin-specific documentation in /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/

       For example, if you have both less and cron installed, the command

            less /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/cron.README

       would display the instructions to set up cron on your system.

       If you find a bug in Cygwin, please read

       and follow the instructions for reporting found there.  If you are able
       to track down the source of the bug and can provide a  fix,  there  are
       instructions for contributing patches at:

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