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Re: service interact with desktop broken between: 1.5.5 & 1.5.19

----- Original Message ----- From: "Christopher Faylor"
There is a way of grabbing things directly off via rsync
(essentially creating a local mirror).  Googling for "rsync download" brings up a few recipes for doing this.  I believe the
information that Cygwin supports rsync, but not ftp or http downloads
used to be somewhere on the FTP site, but it isn't any

This is very much not a supported method for installing packages. You are really just confusing a very simple issue by even bringing this up.

The way to install packages for cygwin is via "setup.exe".  If you don't
see a package 2 microseconds after someone sends an announcement to
cygwin-announce then... WAIT FOR IT.

As the original reporter of the issue I clearly have a vested in interest in checking the fix to see if the patch has indeed fixed the issue, add to that my other primary OS is FreeBSD who's main distribution method is via rsync and ports build I'm not shy of doing what was suggested to check it does indeed fix the issue I'm seeing here which I hope would be viewed as helpful.

It does however seem strange not to have the tier 1, tier 2 mirrors noted
so that early adopters or people with vested interest in the fix being posted
can't easily obtain said fix. As it stands its just pure guess work to select
a mirror and see if its in sync which I've done and no mirrors even 7 hours
later seem to have said patch. This is something that might be improved
by some simple documentation updates on the core website.

On the side of setup.exe being the best way to get things installed most
the time this is the case but with its really quite broken dependency checking.
Its often simpler and easier to just download and compile the source directly
than to fight with the gui to only install the required / wanted components.


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