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Re: Why only 1 cygwin1.dll?

On Sat, Mar 25, 2006 at 12:38:53PM -0500, Lev Bishop wrote:
>FAQ candidate? Either of Eric's explanations seem spot on, to me. And
>this question does come up fairly regularly.

It is not 100% complete but I guess something like that should be in
the FAQ under a heading of:

  Q) I see the way you're doing things and I don't agree.  Certainly I
  know more about this then you do.  Please prove me wrong, although I
  doubt that you can.  Go ahead, I dare you?

Then we can include descriptions of why there should be only one version
of cygwin1.dll.  Why /dev isn't the perfect replacement for /cygdrive.
Why we don't default to c:\ as the root directory for cygwin.  Why
setup.exe doesn't install everything by default.  Why setup.exe installs
so much by default.  and why -mno-cygwin really does produce binaries
that have nothing to do with cygwin and, so, therefore, discussion of
said binaries doesn't belong here.



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