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Re: ":" in filename

"Brian Dessent" <> wrote in message">
Hiroki Sakagami wrote:

What happens in the below commands?  The ":" in filenames seems to be
a problem.  But I don't understand the rule.

The colon is used by NTFS to signify alternate data streams. You can google for more information about this, e.g. <>.

Actually it is a limitation of Windows. NTFS supports a "POSIX" filename namespace which supports up to 255 unicode (probably utf-16) characters, excluding only NUL (0x0000) and Forward Slash '/'. Window's main subsystem does not support the POSIX NTFS file namespace, but I suspect the Windows POSIX subsystem (a.k.a. INTERIX) does support the POSIX NTFS file namespace.

Windows's Subsystem system is very interesting, but like many other interesting features of Windows NT, it came from overengineering, and is amost never used.
(One can render windows virtually worthless by disabling the "Windows" subsystem!)

Interestingly NTFS alows some other strange configurations, including files that take up zero disk space because the data section is actually included in the MFT, and directories with a default datasteam (Thus it would be both a file and a directory. No clue how Windows would react to that!)

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