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Re: dlopen() bug (new testcase)

> -----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
> Von: skaller <skaller<at>users<dot>sourceforge<dot>net>
> On Wed, 2006-03-22 at 03:35 +0100, Bernhard Loos wrote:
> > If the C++library declares its calls as 'extern "C"' (as it is done in the example),
> > AFAIK there shouldn't be any problem.
> Doesn't matter what you think you know -- it's not a permitted thing
> to do, you never know what implementors are going to change.

Cygwin itself is a C++-library and it works well with C-programs. There is also a C-binding for QT.

> Ouch. Hmm. But the code isn't doing anything!
> This does look weird -- my system is doing what you're doing 
> all the time. It was crashing badly for ages until someone pointed
> out there was a bug in libstdc++ handling string crossing 
> DLL boundaries. Since I fixed that the code works fine.
> Perhaps you can try to build it, get Release Candidate 6
> from:

Where do you see any string in the testcase?

In fact it does something: it creates the static classes cin and cout and a few others.

I were able to extract the code causing the crash.
If the constructor of lala calls key_init_once(), it crashs just like the example with <iostream>
Otherwise it hangs.

It would be really nice, if somebody with some more knowlegde could take a look at this,
because I'm unable to debug the program. I get only some strange errormessages and no

This is a new, the other files remains the same:
#include <pthread.h>

pthread_key_t key;

void key_init()
  pthread_key_create(&key, 0);

  static pthread_once_t once = PTHREAD_ONCE_INIT;
  pthread_once(&once, key_init);

class lala
//			  key_init();

lala la;

extern "C" __declspec(dllexport)
void test()

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