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Re: cygwin1.dll issues during installation

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According to Deepa Mahajan on 3/22/2006 1:03 AM:
> I first installed cygwin. Then ran setup again to get some features I
> had forgotten the first time. However, this time during the
> installation I got many errors regarding not finding getline, etc, in
> cygwin1.dll. I restarted my computer and then tried to run a Makefile,
> which then gave me many errors. I have attached the cygwin.out file..
> any thoughts regarding fixing this?

Thanks for the cygcheck output.  However, nothing in there looked super
suspicious (although C:\tinyos\cygwin\bin\cygwin1.dll is not the typical
installation location, that shouldn't be a problem).

My guess is that you failed to stop all cygwin processes before doing the
upgrade, and as a result, it failed to run several post-install scripts
because newer apps failed when trying to use the older in-memory cygwin.
But now that you have rebooted, an up-to-date cygwin is present.  You can
look for the postinstall scripts that haven't run yet (/etc/postinstall/,
files that don't have the .done suffix), or rerun setup.exe and select to
reinstall the packages that include the programs that are still giving you

And by the way, a pending patch to setup.exe is in the works that makes
this situation harder to get into by giving you a better chance to kill
cygwin processes when it detects they are still in use.

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