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Re: cygrunsrv stderr and stdout only to a syslog-ng log?

Thank you for your response, René.

"René Berber" <> wrote:

> if sshd, for instance, finds that syslogd is running when it starts it 
> uses it,
> if not it uses the Windows event log.

> So all you need is to start syslogd, it works fine if all services are 
> started
> at the same time (automatic in services starup type).

What you say is correct. I am getting log lines in my sshd.log with
timestamps, and my filters in syslog-ng.conf are working.  However, I am
also still getting lines from sshd in my Application Event Log.

My goal is to stop the messages going to the Application Event Log.

Perhaps I'm off the track suggesting to change the options sent to 
I only started thinking about that because the ssh-host-config script does 
use cygrunsrv. So, instead of suggesting options, I'll just ask: is there a 
way to stop sshd logging to the Application Event Log? If yes, how?

Thank you.

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