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Re: KillAll SpamAssassin Processes

On Tue, 21 Mar 2006, Herb Martin wrote:

> This should be simple but I haven't found the
> magic encantation so far:
> I wish to kill SpamAssassin and all child processes
> it has started.
> [My experience is that trying to signal -s HUP does
> not work with SA (on CygWin) but puts SA into some
> sort of unresponsive state.]
> I have other (than SA) Perl processes running so
> using "killall" with just the process NAME is not
> a good choice.
> So far no combinations of "killall" switches,
> e.g., using Group ID etc, have worked.
> My only useful method (other than hitting each process
> individually) has been to use -i (interactive) and then
> respond to each confirmation.
> Thanks for straightening me out -- I am sure this is
> very easy but haven't gotten it right yet.

You could put all the processes into their own process group (using
newpgrp() in perl, or bash's job control), and then doing a "kill -SIG
-PGID" to kill all processes in the group PGID.
FWIW, this is not Cygwin-specific.
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