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4355 pipe handlers open at once - is this to be 'expect'ed?

  :)  Sorry for the terrible pun[*], but I just saw this error message scroll
past in the middle of a gcc (simulator-based) testsuite run:

doing compile
pid is 2892 -2892
output is
PASS: gcc.c-torture/execute/921117-1.c compilation,  -O2
Simulator: rc 0, ''
   1896 [main] expect 4872! _pinfo::dup_proc_pipe: DuplicateHandle failed, pid
4872, hProcess 0x46FC, Win32 error 5
   2186 [main] expect 4872! _pinfo::dup_proc_pipe: DuplicateHandle failed, pid
4872, hProcess 0x46FC, Win32 error 5
   2323 [main] expect 4872! pinfo::wait: Couldn't duplicate pipe topid
4872(0x46FC), Win32 error 5
PASS: gcc.c-torture/execute/921117-1.c execution,  -O2
Testing gcc.c-torture/execute/921117-1.c,  -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer

  I thought the value for hProcess looked a little suspiciously high, but on
digging through it with Process Explorer (which appears to be playing nicely
with cygwin programs these days) discovered that it was a real process handle
value, because expect.exe had over four thousand anonymous pipes open:

Process: expect.exe Pid: 2532

Type	Name	Handle	Access	Object Address	Share Flags
File	\Device\NamedPipe\Win32Pipes.000009e4.00000685	0x4	0x00120189
0x888DE5D8	---
File	\Device\NamedPipe\Win32Pipes.000009e4.0000071b	0x8	0x00120189
0x89ADE750	---
File	\Device\NamedPipe\Win32Pipes.000009e4.00000688	0xC	0x00120189
0x86B40118	---
File	\Device\NamedPipe\Win32Pipes.000009e4.000006db	0x10	0x00120196
0x877A30F0	---
File	\Device\NamedPipe\Win32Pipes.000009e4.000006da	0x14	0x00120189
0x86736AF0	---
File	\Device\NamedPipe\Win32Pipes.000009e4.00000709	0x18	0x00120189
0x880ACEF8	---
           [.... many thousands of similar lines snipped! ....]
File	\Device\NamedPipe\Win32Pipes.000009e4.0000457d	0x4668	0x00120189
0x8875EB68	---
File	\Device\NamedPipe\Win32Pipes.000009e4.0000457e	0x466C	0x00120196
0x869F64C8	---
File	\Device\NamedPipe\Win32Pipes.000009e4.00004590	0x467C	0x00120196
0x881899B0	---
File	\Device\NamedPipe\Win32Pipes.000009e4.000045ab	0x4684	0x00120196
0x88D2A2F0	---
File	\Device\NamedPipe\Win32Pipes.000009e4.000045a2	0x4688	0x00120196
0x8844EA70	---
File	\Device\NamedPipe\Win32Pipes.000009e4.000045b4	0x469C	0x00120196
0x87F90F90	---

  As you know, most of what expect does involves invoking child processes and
talking to them via their stdio channels.  It strikes me that something may be
leaking pipe handles to a popen'd child process (or similar), but before I
investigate in depth I'd just like to know if it's perhaps an expected
behaviour that these pipe handles should be kept lying around until the expect
process exist.  The child processes have all definitely exited, but is this
what I'd see if the parent expect wasn't fully draining them in some way?


[*] - Oh no I'm not!  Not in the slightest, heh!
Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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