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Re: rxvt and line-drawing characters

Charles Wilson wrote:
Andrew DeFaria wrote:
Charles Wilson wrote:
Basically, you're stuck with 'pstree -A'.
Works in Cygwin but not on my Linux box (Fedora Core 3):

Jupiter:pstree -A
pstree: invalid option -- A
usage: pstree [ -a ] [ -c ] [ -h | -H pid ] [ -l ] [ -n ] [ -p ] [ -u ]
             [ -G | -U ] [ pid | user]
      pstree -V

Hmm. So, you're ssh'ed in to your linux box from your cygwin machine, using a terminal emulator under cygwin but executing pstree on the linux system.


Well, you can try xterm instead. It intercepts the VT-100 control sequences and draws the box "glyphs" itself, without regard to the font you're using. So it kinda always works.
Didn't see the need to run a resource consuming X server just to do basically non graphical work.

Also, rxvt-unicode does the same thing (see )
Also X heavy from what I read.

But both of those options work only if you're using a local X-server on your cygwin machine, to display the locally-running terminal emulator program (xterm or rxvt-unicode).

Yes, not really looking to start up a heavy X server just to do essentially character mode I/O.

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