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Re: backspace key in gvim

At 23:42 2006-03-18 +0800, Steven Woody wrote:
>i've installed gvim on cygwin, but the backspace does not work properly. the
>problem is, in insert mode, the backspace key can not delete any character
>which are typed before current insert mode ( it can only delete chars
typed in
>this insert session ).
>is there any clue? thanks.
>steven woody (id: narke)

As far as I know vi has always worked like that.
Just as when you set Auto Indent mode with:
	:set ai
you cannot move to before the initial indentation point with backspace,
but have to use Ctrl-d instead.
Taking your message at face value one might think you would be happier with 
using gvim in easy mode:
	gvim -y
However I think using that mode subtracts much more from the
strong points of vi than it does from its weak points.
There is also the question of whether this question is on topic for this list.
So are you someone who is experienced with gvim on other systems and
do you find the behavior on Cygwin unexpected? (In that case your question
is on topic for this list and I cannot answer it.) 
Or are you a novice using vi? In that case your question is probably 
off topic for this list. I would be happy to supply you in that case with a 
more extensive answer on e.g. the Cygwin-Talk mailinglist: 
You could also pose your question to a vi specific forum instead.

Arend-Jan Westhoff 

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