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Re: Find tool contained in unknown pkg

First off, thanks posters for the responses

"Dave Korn" <> writes:
>   Since 'id' on its own might give you too many matches, it's worth mentioning
> the handy trick that (this being 'doze not linux really) the full name of the
> program is of course 'id.exe'.
>   That narrows it down sufficiently...

Yes Nice....  Thank you

Igor Peshansky <> writes:


> Ah, but this will not match scripts or symlinks.  Since most executables
> live in something that ends in "bin", and the package search page supports
> full perl regular expressions, you can do

Also nice... both are really nice tips

"Jerry D. Hedden" <> writes:


> coreutils

I figured something basic... but in a moment I'll explain why it
appeared to be missing. (Eric Blake) writes:
>> I've just installed a very minimal cygwin.  I noticed the `id' tool is
>> not present
> A little too minimal, I would say.  id is part of coreutils, which is
> a Base package, and as such, it should be part of every working
> cygwin installation.  You may want to run 'cygcheck -c' to see
> which packages are incomplete, and should be reinstalled using
> setup.exe.

Not too minimal just too dumb on my part. 
It was nothing more serious than path not getting setup to point to
C:/cygwin as `/'.

I'm not sure why that would happen, but I may have left out some basic
step in there.... I trashed an old install then ran a new one and
didn't really read up on the proper steps for a cygwin install.

> Also, following the directions here
>> Problem reports:

Ahh yes sorry.  But it turns out to be operator error thru and thru. 

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