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RE: bash and csrss using 100% of the CPU

On 17 March 2006 16:54, Brett Serkez wrote:

> <snip>
>> If I boot in safe mode, I don't see this problem. Since SpySweeper
>> doesn't start in safe mode, maybe SpySweeper is the culprit. I have no
>> idea how to fix this though.
> I do not run with SpySweeper, and have experienced this problem.

  Ah, the famous "If a=>b then ~a=>~b fallacy"!  We cannot deduce from your
observation that spysweeper is not the cause of the problem, only that there
may be other causes too.  Which we already basically know - logitech, mcafee,
there's quite a few known problems and undoubtedly a few unknown ones too.

> During my original attempt to diagnose, I turned off all security
> software the problem still occured.

  This doesn't tell us much.  It doesn't tell us what other software you have
on your machine that may have interfered.  Nor does it tell us what effect
"turned off" actually has on that software; for instance, does it simply go
quiescent and stop doing anything, but stay loaded and keep its windows hook
dlls installed?

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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