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proftpd configuration - userpassword


I'm not quite sure if it is cygwin/windows related issue or a proftpd

I'm trying to configure proftpd as an anonymous ftp server which requires
password authentication and which authenticates alias user rather than the
system user. My configuration is the following:

<Anonymous /cygdrive/c/home/ftpanon>
  User              tom
  Group             None

  UserAlias         public tom
  AuthAliasOnly     on
  AnonRequirePassword on
  AuthUsingAlias on
  UserPassword public TkX5ZIHCyaI2g
  RequireValidShell off

  MaxClients            10

  DisplayLogin          welcome.msg
  DisplayFirstChdir     .message

  <Directory *>
    <Limit WRITE>
  <Directory mydir>
    <Limit ALL>

With the above configuration, I would like to be able to login as public and
use the password defined by the directive UserPassword and this does not
work. What I am not sure is whether the problem is due to the fact that I am
not using the correct tool or encryption algorithm to generate the password
(I have used the crypt utility with a random seed and I have used as well
the 'openssl passwd' command, they yield the same encrypted password) or
whether proftpd is not correctly configured (I have specified AuthUsingAlias
directive in order for authentication to be done against the alias rather
than the system user which is tom).

If that may be of some help, if I disactivate the AuthUsingAlias directive,
I can login to the ftp server by using tom's system password.

Is it the encryption algorithm used by the crypt utility which is not
correct or is it my configuration which is not correct (if it is the latter
case, I'll check the proftpd site). Can anyone help me with that ?

Thanks for the help,

Best regards,


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