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Re: bash and csrss using 100% of the CPU

On 3/15/06, Kevin Van Workum <> wrote:
> On 3/13/06, Kevin Van Workum <> wrote:
> > I just installed the lastest version of cygwin on my W2K box and have
> > noticed that after about 3-4 minutes, bash.exe and csrss.exe are using
> > about 100% of the CPU. This happens if I simply start a cygwin shell
> > and wait for some time. I've only done the default base installation
> > and have not made any changes. One thing that maybe of importance is
> > that I don't have administrator privledges on this machine. Attached
> > is the output of cygcheck -s -r -v. I saw several other people with
> > this problem in the archive, but not solution posted. Any ideas? I'd
> > like to fix it because it significantly bogs down my machine.
> Some more information:
> If I boot in safe mode, I don't see this problem. Since SpySweeper
> doesn't start in safe mode, maybe SpySweeper is the culprit. I have no
> idea how to fix this though.

Some more information:

I ran "strace bash" from a windows console. Attached is the output.
There's a few suspicious lines like:

[main] bash 1792 reg_key::build_reg: failed to create key Cygnus
Solutions in the registry

Maybe somebody could look at the strace output and figure out what's going on.


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