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Re: fopen with UTF-8 chars in filenames

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 14, 2006 at 05:53:14PM -0700, Cary Jamison wrote:
>> Paul J. Lucas wrote:
>>> Is this known to work (or not work)?  Apparently, it doesn't.
>>> FYI: I'm writing JNI code.  The strings passed from Java to C are
>>> UTF-8.  A string containing a non-ASCII character, e.g., an 'e'
>>> with an accent, works fine with fopen() under Mac OS X.  The same
>>> JNI code under Cygwin fails.
>> I'm not positive about this, but you may have to convert the UTF-8 to
>> UTF-16 (Windows unicode) and call wfopen() instead of fopen().  But
>> wfopen() is a Windows call, not a cygwin call :-(
> Which would strongly imply that calling wfopen was not the right
> solution for Cygwin.
> This is sort of like asking for an expert legal opinion on US law and
> quoting Canadian law...
> cgf

True, but at least I gave him options; no one else responded with even a 
'not possible on cygwin.'


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