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RE: Problems mounting root filesystem off of NFS

Robb, Sam wrote:
> 1) Did you install the server using the nfs-server-config script?
> 2) Can you post your /etc/exports and and static map files you're using?

1) yes
2) this is the only line in my /etc/exports:
/nfsmount_drop3 (rw,insecure,no_root_squash)

> If you're able to mount the RFS, the only thing I could think to
> suggest would be to look at your /etc/exports and make sure that
> you're using a proper map file for your NFS export.  Try "man exports"
> and look for the map_static section.  That may help you clear up
> your permissions issues.
> You might want to try and mount the exported RFS from a desktop linux
> system; this will give you some idea of what permissions are being
> translated incorrectly, and how you can go about correcting your
> static map files to deal with them.

I'll try this, thanks!

I'm completely unfamiliar with configuring static map files for NFS so I'm
gonna have to do some reading here.

Thanks for your suggestions!

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