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Gearzone Request - 511 Tactical Clothing, Blackhawk Clothing, WileyX eyewear, ESS Googles, Night Ops, Paraclete Body Armour and Tactical Headsets Supplier

My new site ""; has recently gone live, 
and in order to increase the visitor count, I have been looking for 
link exchanges from sites that link to other 511 Tactical Clothing and 
Equipment, Blackhawk, WileyX,  ESS Googles, Night Ops, Paraclete Body 
Armour and/or Tactical Headsets related sites, which is how I found 
your page "".

Therefore I was wondering if you would be interested in a reciprocal 
link exchange with us.

Please take a look at the site and give me any comments that you may 
wish to make. 

Unlike many other mails that seem to be going around the internet 
nowadays, I have not created a link page with everyone under the sun on 
it - if you are interested in exchanging links with me, simply reply to 
this mail and confirm that you do wish to swap. Then we can arrange to 
do so!

Should you do not wish to exchange, simply ignore this email and accept 
my apologies for the intrusion, I will not bother you again.

However, if you would like to link up to us our html link is below:

<p><a href=""; target="_blank">GearZone 
Products</a> - Gear Zone Products suppliers of High Quality Tactical 
Gear and Equipment for the Law Enforcement and Military Community 
including 5.11 Tactical, WileyX eyewear, ESS Goggles, Tactical Assault 
Gear, Blackhawk, Night Ops Illumination Tools, Paraclete and Paca Body 
Armour. Military, Law Enforcement and volume discounts available. </p>

Best regards,

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