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cygrunsrv.exe Processor Util 100% on Windows Server

Hi- we have been using openssh on cygwin on win2k server for quite some time, 
with hundreds of user sessions (we use almost exclusively for file transfer 
[sftp]). Recently, on occasion, we notice in Task Manager that cygrunsrv.exe 
processor utilization is at 100%. During this time, csrss.exe also runs at 
about 25%. And, this process cannot be stopped from Task Manager, though 
restarting openssh will stop cygrunsrv.exe and restore csrss.exe to normal 
utilization (so, it appears that when cygrunsrv is running 100%, it's 
definitely keeping csrss busy with something). I have seen a similar posting 
regarding someone having this trouble while playing a game or using a 
sysinternals tool, but, we are doing neither.

The overload is not related to usage (either upload or download), it doesn't 
happen even when we have multiple concurrent sessions running.

We are not running many applications on the Win2K server.

Any ideas? Any ideas on how to debug? Is there some "trace" mode we might turn 



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