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Re: Using uw-imapd over secure 995 with cygwin -- Cant seem to get it working

Thanks to Corinna's help and others, I actually added the following 2
lines to the services file (found either using cygwin at /etc/services
or c:\windows\system32\drives\etc\services):
imaps             993/tcp    imaps                  #Secure Internet
Message Access Protocol
pop3s             995/tcp    pop3s                    #Secure Post
Office Protocol - Version 3

In addition 2 lines were added to the inetd.conf file:
pop3s  stream  tcp  nowait  root   /usr/sbin/uw-ipop3d
imaps  stream  tcp  nowait  root   /usr/sbin/uw-imapd

This produced the following: netstat -an | grep 993 or 995
  TCP                LISTENING
  TCP                LISTENING

Inetd service was restarted.

My problem however still stems in that Thunderbird is still not able to
connect via the port 993 to the secure IMAP server.  Thunderbird gives
me an error that I may have exceeced the number of connections to the
server, and may want to try reducing the number of cached connections to
the server.  Ive tried possibly reducing the number of cached
connections from 5 to 3 and then 1, but I was still unsuccessful.

For troubleshooting, I telneted to localhost on port 993, was connected,
however I received the following:
$ telnet localhost 993
Connected to marge.
Escape character is '^]'.
Connection closed by foreign host.

Possibly a problem here since the connection was closed automatically.

I also wanted to verify that I had set up the SSL certificates
Certificates were created via the following and placed in the
/usr/ssl/certs directory (as instructed in the user manual for cygwin
openssl req -new -days 3999 -x509 -nodes -out imapd.pem -keyout imapd.pem
openssl req -new -days 3999 -x509 -nodes -out ipopd.pem -keyout ipopd.pem
Symbolic hash file links were also created to each of these files.

Must be going doing something wrong.

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