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Re: local cygwin mirror

On Sat, 11 Mar 2006, Brian Dessent wrote:

> Stuart McGraw wrote:
> > - setup.exe's idea of what to download seems to depend on
> > what is installed on the download machine.  Is there some
> > way to tell setup.exe to only download new/updated packages
> > that are not already in the download directory, and not
> > pay any attention to what is installed?  I find it a very
> > confusing program to use.
> You could try temporarily renaming out of the way
> /etc/setup/installed.db so that setup thinks there are no packages
> installed.  It will then try to download all selected packages that are
> not already in the local download dir.  It should be obvious that you'd
> do this with the "download only" option and not actually try to install
> anything in this state.

I wonder if it would make sense to add a "Pure Download" checkbox that is
only enabled when "Download Only" is selected, with the net effect of
ignoring installed.db?  Just an idea for the archives...

> [snip]
> > - Has anyone written a script to do this?
> I don't use a script, I just use rsync.  I have the following in my
> crontab to run twice a day automatically:
> 00 10,22 * * * rsync -rlt --exclude=mail-archives/ --exclude=stage/
> --exclude=tmp/ rsync:// /d/packages/cygwin/
> >/dev/null
> Of course, this will keep a full copy in sync with the mirrors,
> containing the [prev] versions and source packages.  You can play around
> with --exclude so that it doesn't download source packages, perhaps
> something like --exclude="*-src.tar.*".  For [prev] versions there is no
> simple way, but since rsync only downloads the things that have changed,
> you only download them once anyway.  The disk space cost still exists
> though.
> If you can't live with the [prev] versions taking up space then you
> could probably write something in perl that would take the setup.ini and
> a mirror base URL and spit out a list of file URLs.  You can then feed
> that to rsync or a program that can do ftp mirroring like lftp.

...or use Michael Chase's, which does that and more.
Someone recently posted a pointer to it.
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