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local cygwin mirror

Can someone help me with some info about setup.exe?

I have a slow internet connection and downloading a
full Cygwin takes a couple days (with about 30% chance
of success.)  I also have to reinstall Cygwin frequently
when Windows is reinstalled on my various machines.
And I want to keep my Cygwin instances up to date.

I know I can (and currently do) use setup.exe to download
as a separate step and install from the download directory
but there are some problems keeping the download directory 
up to date...

- setup.exe's idea of what to download seems to depend on
what is installed on the download machine.  Is there some
way to tell setup.exe to only download new/updated packages
that are not already in the download directory, and not 
pay any attention to what is installed?  I find it a very 
confusing program to use.

- In perusing the cygwin website I got the idea that the
appropriate way to do this is to create a local mirror of
the distribution.  OK, but I don't want or have space for
"prev" versions, or source code packages.  Will setup.exe
work with such a partial mirror?

- Does such a mirror have to be served from a http/ftp server
or are files in a directory ok?

- Is there any difference between the download directory
created by setup.exe, and a mirror of one of the distribution
sites (other than the packages present, of course)?

- Can I manually build and maintain a directory that looks
a setup.exe created download directory, and simply install
from that?

- Has anyone written a script to do this?

Any advice on maintaining a local, up-to-date, cygwin
distribution I can reinstall from, without the profligate 
use of disk space or bandwidth, will be greatly appreciated!!

(Yes, I tried the buy-a-CD approach but that did not
work out for a number of reasons.) 

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