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Re: select() too slow

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According to Pedro Inacio on 3/11/2006 3:11 AM:
> Since I want to run the application on Windows also, I have ported it to
> run on Cygwin.
> Everything is ok except the poor performance of the select() function.
> It is too dam slow.

I'm afraid that this is not a very good bug report, as you have not
attempted to describe WHAT is too slow, and have not provided a simple
test case that compiles out of the box, with timing numbers on the test
case compared between Linux and Cygwin.  Cygwin is only as fast as the
underlying Windows system calls permit it to be.  Also, cygwin is open
source.  Go look at the source code to select() and you will see that it
is very complex, since Windows does not provide good hooks for an
efficient implementation.  If you would like it to be faster, then
consider writing a patch to cygwin that can speed it up.

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