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Re: Problems after upgrading to 1.5.19-4

> Okay, now I'm trying to figure out how dircolors works.  I've modified 
> /etc/LS_COLORS, then have done things like
> dircolors -b /etc/LS_COLORS > MyColors
> . ./MyColors

That's one way.  Another is the method used by /etc/profile:

eval "`dircolors -b /path/to/database`"

> but it doesn't affect the display.  The docs on dircolors mention a 
> compiled-in database but do not explain how to update it.

The only way to change the compiled-in database is to recompile
it (it's compiled in, after all).  However, /etc/defaults/etc/DIR_COLORS
contains the compiled database (also available by running
'dircolors -p').  Furthermore, the compiled-in database is
used only when you don't use a filename; so your above usage
was overriding the compiled-in database with your own
color designation database (which sounds like what you wanted).

As to what is not being affected on the display, are you sure
you have defined colors for all of the categories supported by
dircolors?  Look at the contents of 'dircolors -p' for an example
of all the categories that can be set; if you omit a category
in your file, then 'ls --color' falls back on a default color for that

And by the way, other than the fact that I distribute
/etc/defaults/etc/DIR_COLORS as a snapshot of the
builtin database, none of the rest of this email is

Eric Blake

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