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listen/accept/fork behavior problem between cygwin1 1.5.18 and cygwin1.dll 1.5.19


I have a perl based server that creates a TCP listen
socket in a parent process, then forks off an N-child
process pool that normally accepts connections
round-robin style alla apache 1.3.  Everything worked
great when I was based on cygwin1.dll version 1.5.18. 
I would see many requests being simulatenously
sometimes lasting up to a minute.

Then I did a recent upgrade and suddenly all requests
became serialized.  That is, an entire request would
need to be handled before a pending one a child began.
 I immediately downgraded perl to 5.8.6-4 from
5.8.7-5.  Nothing changed.  Then I did a complete
cygwin rollback and the concurrency went back to
normal.  I was then able to advance just the version
of perl back to 5.8.7-5 and everything still works. 
After lots of back and forth, I was able to isolate
the behavior difference to cygwin1.dll.

I would really like to keep up with all cygwin changes
but I am now stuck knowing there is a problem for me
with the latest cygwin version.  

I realize that Perl's fork under cygwin is technically
using threads so I left wondering if this is a
io problem (that changed with cygwin revs) since it
seems to transcend perl.

Any help is appreciated.


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