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Re: Problems after upgrading to 1.5.19-4

On 3/9/06, Igor Peshansky <> wrote:

> Setup actually does a bit more than leave .new files around -- it also
> schedules the original files to be replaced by .new files on reboot.  If
> you have since rebooted, Windows would have done the job of renaming the
> .new files for you.
> However, this still doesn't fix the problem of the postinstall procedure
> being hosed (since all postinstall scripts ran with the old cygwin1.dll
> and perhaps other DLLs).
> You can look at the tail end of /var/log/setup.log to see what packages it
> updated, then make sure you don't have any Cygwin processes running, run
> setup again and reinstall those packages.  This should properly re-run the
> postinstall scripts.
> HTH,
>         Igor

The re-install fixed the path problem, but I still have strange things
going on with the directory colors.  Attached is a screen print. 
Notice some directores are the correct blue on white while others are
black on green.


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