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Re: Problems after upgrading to 1.5.19-4

> Last night, I grabbed an additional package using setup.exe.  It also downloaded 
> and installed the latest cygwin1.dll (1.5.19-4) and core utilities.  I had not 
> updated since early January.  While it was running the post-install script, I 
> received serveral errors along the lines of "... could not be found in 
> cygwin1.dll".  I rebooted, and now when I run the bash shell, it drops me in 
> /usr/bin and I have no Cygwin directories in my path (/bin, /usr/bin).  Also, my 
> term colors are now messed up.

Sounds like the classic symptoms of cygwin1.dll was in use during the
upgrade, so the bash and base-files postinstall scripts failed to run.  Search
the archives for more examples of this (but attaching the output
of cygcheck -svr as a text attachment would have told us for sure).

> It is interesting to note I have the cygwin sshd 
> running on that machine, and when I ssh into it I have no problems with paths or 
> term colors.

And there's your problem.  You probably failed to stop sshd, which uses
cygwin1.dll, before doing the upgrade.  Stop it this time, then repeat the
use of setup.exe, and reinstall cygwin, bash, and base-files.  If you get
popup boxes during the installation that an entry point was not found,
then you still haven't killed off the old cygwin1.dll that is still resident
in memory somewhere.  And the reinstallation of bash and base-files
is the easiest way to guarantee their postinstall scripts are correctly
run with the new cygwin1.dll.

Eric Blake
volunteer cygwin bash maintainer

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