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Re: Using uw-imapd over secure 995 with cygwin -- Cant seem to get it working

Kevin Hilton wrote:

> Briefly Im trying to use cygwin's uw-imapd port to attempt to establish
> an imap connection over port 995 and 993.  I have successfully run the
> daemon over the non-secure port.
> Ive created the necessary .key and .pem files and placed them in
> etc/ssl/certs.  First of all Im not sure if this is the proper location
> for these certificates.
> Second I tried starting the uw-imapd over the secure ports via the inetd
> by placing the following lines in the inetd.conf file:
> pop3s  stream  tcp  nowait  root   /usr/sbin/uw-ipop3d
> imaps  stream  tcp  nowait  root   /usr/sbin/uw-imapd
> Non secure ports are enabled via
> imap  stream  tcp  nowait  root   /usr/sbin/uw-imapd
> pop3  stream  tcp  nowait  root   /usr/sbin/uw-ipop3d
> After restarting the inetd, and performing a netstat -a, I see the
> machine is not listening on port 995 or port 993, however ports 143 and
> 110 are open and listening.
> I must be missing something.  Any help would be appreciated.

inetd is an on-demand server, so it's not strange that nothing is listening to
ports 993 and 995, what is strange is that something is listening to ports 110
and 143.

You must have another instance of the server running.

Anyway try a "telnet localhost 993" and see if the server is started.
René Berber

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