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Re: Fwd: locale setting doesn't work with the default translation encoded in utf-8

Sorry for reply later since I am back just now.

Thanks so much, I found the answer from FAQ, there is an additional
environment variable OUTPUT_CHARSET to set to the locale charset, as
mine, is GB2312.

Regards, Zhou Zhenghui

2006/2/15, Eric Blake <>:
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> According to Zhenghui Zhou on 2/13/2006 10:30 PM:
> > I use windows xp(sp2), and the language of none unicode program
> > setting is Simple Chinese.
> >
> > I found that the LC MESSAGES cann't be shown in right way under
> > console when setting the locale to zh_CN.
> Cygwin doesn't have the world's best locale support.  That being said, you
> may want to read:
> Personally, I am a native English speaker, so I don't have occasion to
> notice display problems with other characters; I wish I could help better
> on i18n issues like this but just don't have the best background for it.
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