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Re: cvs 1.11.21-1 still experimental

Eric Blake wrote:
The experimental version of cvs (1.11.21-1) has been in the experimental
state since November.  Isn't it ready for 'current' status yet?

I would like to see this resolved first, if the maintainer is listening:

Oh. That. Totally forgot about that. Sorry.

I've had no blinding flashes of insight, either. I *do* know that it's not blindly adding a "." to the end of the tempdir in order to defeat some name-hiding thing in cygwin. Here's the actually command list being sent back-n-forth (by inserting printfs in the command loop):

*** up here server_temp_dir=/tmp/cvs-serv2116 ***
*** and /tmp/cvs-serv2116 DOES get created    ***

Root /usr/local/src/CVSRoot
Valid-responses ok error Valid-requests Checked-in New-entry Checksum Copy-file Updated Created Update-existing Merged Patched Rcs-diff Mode Mod-time Removed Remove-entry Set-static-directory Clear-static-directory Set-sticky Clear-sticky Template Notified Module-expansion Wrapper-rcsOption M Mbinary E F MT
Global_option -t
Argument cygipc
Directory .
Argument -N
Argument -P
Argument --
Argument cygipc
Directory .
*** down here we try to mkdir_p /tmp/cvs-serv2116/. ***

I believe it is because the "Directory" value is being appended to server_temp_dir, which would be fine if Directory were anything but '.' Basically we just need to check if Directory = '.' and skip the dir-creation step. But I don't know where that's happening.

I don't have a similar level of debug output from a (working) 1.11.17 build -- that's as far as I've gotten.



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