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bash "Couldn't Allocate Heap" error - info.


This afternoon, for the first time, I began
experiencing the

C:\cygwin\bin\bash.exe: *** fatal error - couldn't
allocate heap ....
... child_copy: stack write copy failed,...

errors that have been reported on this list before. I
am getting these errors on every '#! /bin/bash'
script, though I can initially open a bash shell.

I tried changing the heap sizes, and tried rebaseall -
neither made a difference.

Earlier today I had installed the drivers for my new
Logitech webcam. Suspecting that these might be the
problem, I killed all the Logitech processes,
restarted all my Cygwin services, restarted Cygwin/X,
and lo & behold, all the errors disappeared and
everything worked fine.

It'd be great to get these to work together, but not
the end of the world if its not possible. Any



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