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Re: TTYfier

Barry B wrote:
> Does anyone still have the source code to a Cygwin
> program called "ttyfier"?  TTYfier is supposed to
> allow the running of Windows console applications that
> don't know how to converse with a tty.  This would
> allow one to run such programs via the sshd that comes
> with Cygwin.
> There used to be a web site in Russia run by Egor Deo
> that contained the project files, but the site no
> longer exists and I am unable to locate the files
> anywhere else on the Internet.
> Also, is TTYfier still necessary for my intended
> purpose?  Or has someone else come up with a better
> way to accomplish this over years?  Thanks!

Hi, Barry!

You can download ttyfier sources from here:

There was certainly some bit-rot in it since 2001. Moreover, i've added
some new functionality, such as ability to access 'ttyfied' program from
 xterm window, but it's somewhat experimental at the moment, and relies
on unicode version of ncurses library -- libncursesw, which, AFAICT, was
never officialy released for cygwin.

I'm going to revisit ttyfier this week to see if anything needs fixing
for recent cygwin. Feel free to build it yourself and ask any questions
about it.


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