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RE: Apache failure with 2006-03-01/2 snapshots

Jerry D. Hedden wrote:
> Combination:
>     cygwin-inst-20060302.tar.bz2 (2006-03-02 17:00 GMT) snapshot
>     apache-1.3.33-2.tar.bz2
> Apache won't start, and outputs the following in its log:
>     Cannot load /usr/lib/apache/mod_vhost_alias.dll into server: Bad address
> The same holds for the 2006-03-01 Cygwin snapshot.
> Apache starts properly with the 2006-02-27 Cygwin snapshot.
> (Apache installed using setup.exe.  Cygwin snapshot are full
> distributions (inst=full), and installed using procedure in
> FAQ.)

Corinna Vinschen asked:
> Any chance to get some really helpful info, like, say, results of
> some debugging?  I have apache not even installed on my machine and
> certainly also no debug version of apache handy.

With the 20060302 snapshot in place, I was able to build Apache 1.3.33
from the Cygwin source module.  I ran the version distributed with
setup.exe and the (non-stripped) version I made.  Both terminated with
the same error message.

I am not an expert in Apache, nor in debugging programs under Cygwin.
However, if someone gives me an idea of what to do or test for, I'd be
glad to try it and supply the information.

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