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Re: going thru domain switch..does cygwin grok "SID history"?

On Fri 3/3/06 9:47 +0100 Corinna wrote:
> > The SIDs on several hundred GB worth of files and dirs will almost all
> > be from the old domain. The old domain controller will be shutdown,
> > but there will be a SID history associated w/(almost) each domain user
> > account and group that was in the old domain. This SID history will be
> > saved on the domain controler in the new domain.
> > 
> > So, if you run 'ls -l' in one of these directories whose files have SIDs
> > from the old domain, I'm wondering if the SID history mechanism will
> > work, showing the matching user or group in the new domain?
> I have no idea and no experience at all with that.  Whatever happens,
> there's nothing in Cygwin which knows anything about AD and its deep
> mysteries, so any problems due to the SID history must be either
> solved on a deeper level of the OS, or it must be solved by manual
> intervention.  That's what I was trying to say.

OK, thanks again Corinna.

If needed, I have a method to swap in the new SIDs using 
a non cygwin opensource tool called setacl; I would use this to
fix the SIDs on our cygwin bash and perl scripts.  

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