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Re: Snapshot heads up for 20060301 2310 version

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According to Karl M on 3/2/2006 2:11 PM:
>> However, you're aware of the problems with mapping cygdrive to "/", are
>> you?  You'll never see the list of available drives since the special
>> cygdrive handling can't kick in for the root dir.  This also results in
>> a wrong link count for the root dir.  There's no easy way to fix that
>> and it's definitely not of any priority to us to change this.
> What are the implications of having the wrong link count for the root dir?

Is the link count really wrong?  The problem occurs when the link count of
/ is greater than 1, but is not exactly 2 more than the number of
subdirectories returned by readdir.  Then programs doing recursive
traversal, such as find in findutils-4.2.27, fail to visit all
subdirectories when they take the traditional optimization that they can
stop stat'ing files to see whether there is another subdirectory to enter
once link count - 2 subdirectories have been encountered (the other two
link counts belong to . and ..).  But if readdir doesn't list drive
letters when 'cygdrive' is set to /, then the link count may be okay after
all - now it is just the issue that ls and find won't even show drive
letters when you list the contents of / (nor will tab-completion find
drive letters, although there really isn't much sense in completing on a
drive letter!).  I personally don't mount cygdrive to /, so I don't know
whether the latest snapshot gives a link count consistent with the number
of subdirectories actually listed when doing readdir on /.

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