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Re: going thru domain switch..does cygwin grok "SID history"?

thanks Corinna

On Thu 3/2/06 16:27 +0100 Corinna wrote:
> On Mar  2 09:13, Tom Rodman wrote:
> > Has anyone experienced a domain migration where the filesystem was
> > left unchanged, and a "SID history" was injected into Active Directory
> > trustees? Under "Sid history", I'm told, each trustee (user or group) in
> > the new domain, contains a reference to it's former identity in the old
> > domain. The files and dirs have SIDs from the old domain only, but the
> > SID history feature is supposed to make this moot.
> > 
> > Can we expect sensible output from 'ls -l'?  
> No, you have to rebuild /etc/passwd and /etc/group.

we have a cron job that rebuilds both daily

The SIDs on several hundred GB worth of files and dirs will almost all
be from the old domain. The old domain controller will be shutdown,
but there will be a SID history associated w/(almost) each domain user
account and group that was in the old domain. This SID history will be
saved on the domain controler in the new domain.

So, if you run 'ls -l' in one of these directories whose files have SIDs
from the old domain, I'm wondering if the SID history mechanism will
work, showing the matching user or group in the new domain?

I'll let you know what our tests show in the next few weeks.

thanks Corinna 

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